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Caravan Solar Systems

The longer you stay off grid, the larger your solar system needs to be… including taking enough batteries. Ensure you don’t run out of power on the road. On average, one or two solar panels are usually sufficient for a normal caravan size.

What solar panels do you need?

Portability is a prime consideration in choosing a solar panel system for a caravan. Solar panels work best when connected to a decent battery.  Recharge the battery each time it falls below 50%. Keeping your battery charged while in storage will help prolong its lifespan.

Dust and dirt can greatly reduce the panels’ ability to absorb solar energy. Use a microfiber or non-abrasive cloth to clean your solar panels and keep them at top efficiency.

There are two types of solar panels:

1) Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline

Mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar panels are suited as rooftop fixtures. Mono is made from a single layer of silicon crystals and Poly consists of multiple layers of silicon crystals.  The slightest shadow will affect its output significantly.

2) Amorphous or semi-flexible panels

Amorphous solar panels are portable panels that can easily be re-oriented following the sun’s position. Being portable, amorphous panels are easy to clean and can be stored away safely when not in use.
Solar panels are activated when sunlight hits the photo-voltaic solar cells, which absorb solar energy which in turn is converted to electricity. The solar charger stores the charge in a battery. However, you need to use a power regulator to prevent overcharging the batteries. Adding an inverter will help you convert DC to AC, allowing you to use AC-appliances in your caravan.

How many solar panels do you need?

Best to talk with an expert. We’ll look at the appliances you plan to run and how often, how much sun you’re likely to get depending on where you’ll be parked and pair it up with a battery system. One or two solar panels are usually sufficient for a normal caravan size.

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