Measuring for awning replacement

Measuring for awning replacement

Caravan awnings are claimable on your caravan insurance policy if they’ve been damaged following a storm, impact or from an accident.

Awnings – just as essential in Queensland as a patio roof to shelter from the elements. They will deteriorate over time and need replacing, we often find that clients are unsure how to measure them and how to correctly set them up. So we’re going to help!

To measure your awning, measure from the centre point of each awning arm in vertical position in feet. Most awnings come in complete measurements, for example 13” instead of 13.1”

how to meaure your caravan awning

Setting your awning up is straight forward but there is a wrong and a right way.

Make sure your caravan is level.

To roll out the awning, release any locking devices at either end to retract.
Pull out the awning with it’s cable until it’s completely extended.
Next clip the legs one at a time, lock the arms up at either end and tighten
Tension the awning vinyl by placing one hand on the outer arm and loosen the locking dial in the centre and pull the vinyl is tight in the middle. Then tighten the locking dial back up.

From where the vinyl touches the roller tube, to the centre of the hole approx.. 20mm

The annex wall should be attached to the roller tube.


how to meaure your caravan awning for replacement
how to meaure your caravan awning for replacement
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